Let's get together and
Laugh Together
explore the benefits and varieties of laughter

Monday, August 24,
Somerville Laughter Club at Unity
7pm - 8pm
(might run over)
90 Union Square,
Somerville, MA 02143
We are Family Friendly,
Laughter for Every Age.

We are the only laughter club that teaches the mechanics of laughter
and we want that information available to everyone.

We will laugh over 12 different ways, using 12 different muscles groups. There is a laughter zone that allows us to be part of the experience.

Laughter leads us to a skill that will transform your life for the better. We will take a happiness break by learning how to feel happy sensations created by the body.

Mixing in Mind/Body awareness we will use interactive mindfulness to change our perceptions of ourselves as well as others. This is for all ages.

This laughter meeting will be video taped at the Somerville Community Access TV station.

YouTube Videos
We have taken laughter techniques and put them on stage.

Somerville Laughter Club

Laughing the Mexican
Hat Dance Song

     Walter Ness,
Is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader
who introduces Energy Laughter as part of the laughter experience.

 Walter takes his various discoveries about laughter and uses it in his Energy Theater productions. Audiences love the laughter in each live performance. YouTube.com/EnergyTheater

Here some information from Self Magazine

50% the percentage by which your blood vessels can widen when you're laughing, compared to when you're stressed.  To get that same heart-healthy benefit, you'd have to either get a prescription for cholesterol-lowering drugs or bank up to 10 full minutes of cardio for every minute of laughter.

"We believe that laughter actually protects against heart disease,"

says study author Michael MillerMD., professor of medicine at the University of Maryland.



Laughter increases gamma brain waves the same ones activated during meditation, they make you feel focused and alert but also calm,


6:03 pm, the time of day when people find jokes the funniest.

Researchers recorded when users rated jokes online and examined how the ratings changed throughout the day. (Least funny time: 1:30 A.M.)


A funny trick for flat abs?

Laughter yoga, which combines yogic breathing with giggles, activates your internal obliques 150 percent more than crunches do. 


1 sugar free fudge pop.  Roughly what you burn off if you laugh for 15 minutes straight.