Let's get together and
Laugh Together
explore the benefits and varieties of laughter

Friday, March 27,
7pm - 8pm
6 William Street, Somerville
(Unity Somerville)

Explore the different styles of laughter using body movement, learning through laughter how the body creates happiness and how much easier it is to smile. We are family friendly.
$5 per person
$5 for the whole family
$5 for coulees or roommates

We will meet
once a month
Each meeting will be on a different day
depending on available rental.

     Walter Ness,
Is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader
who introduces Energy Laughter as part of the laughter experience.

 Walter takes his various discoveries about laughter and uses it in his Energy Theater productions. Audiences love the laughter in each live performance. YouTube.com/EnergyTheater

click here for Ecstatic Laughter Video

Laughter, a gift that
keeps on Laughing

My Favorite Makeup?
Laughter Facial

Laughter Medicine
Take your Ha Ha's

Laughter Springs Forth
Spring into Laughter

May you Have
a Ha Ha Day

May you Have
a Ha Ha Day

Makes me Giggle

A smile given is
quickly returned

Ha Ha Makeup
Makeup Ha Ha’s

Be Unserious
Be Rich with Laughter