Technique to Calm Children with ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder

My discovery of a technique to calm children (including adults) came out of boredom at work. While running tests at work I had to wait for the test to be over with.

With time on my hands I started exploring acupressure points on top of my head. At first I would fine points that felt uncomfortable and some that glowed with nice sensations.

After months of doing this all the points started to feel comfortable. I was running a chi awareness group and I tried activating different acupressure points on volunteers.

While doing this method, some people's faces would change. It seemed like some people's face was depended on which parts of the brain they used.

Later on I got feedback that trying this on their kids, not only did the kids like the experience but it also calmed them.

This is just one technique that can be presented at the Somerville Laughter Club.

The reason for the variety? We need more than just the skill of laughter to round out our personality.