Technique to Activate Different Areas of the Brain of Children with Autism

Besides being a clairvoyant, someone who sees chi energy, I have been very involved in understanding how chi energy can be used to help others. Here's some information of me, Walter Ness, working with individuals that are autistic.

The same technique that helps calm children with ADD can be used to activate areas of the brain in autistic children.

I had a chance to try it out on two autistic yound adults. The first one, had his arms folded in front of his chest. He would not explain why he kept his arms like that at all times.

While doing this activation exercise, the therapist who was working with me noticed that his face kept changing.

The second autistic young adult I did this exercise on fell asleep. When he woke up he went over to his mother and said, "I love you," in a way that he seemed to be struggling in saying it.