Different Techniques Available by Walter Ness

Interactive Mindfulness ( InteractiveMindfulness.com)

Mindfulness is a form of meditation that allows you to calm your brain and relax your body.   If you are able to travel in your brain and body using Ki-energy (chi) while meditating, that is Interactive Mindfulness.

Learn how to activate images in your brain and turn 2-dimensional images of a room into a 3D experience where you can walk around the room.   Great boost to your memory and creativity.

Become an Instant Story Teller

People who have hyperthymesia possess an extremely detailed autobiographical memory.   There is a way to have your brain turn on the same type of ability where you see and feel everything you are talking about.

Of course there is a trick to make this happen.   We have included this technique in our Laughter Club session so that when people finish laughing they are more relaxed and allow the hyperthymesia ability to show up.

Joy of Kidding   
( joyofkidding.com ) or ( energytheater.org )

Explore the world of comedy and humorous performances.  

We will show you how words that have double meaning, (words that sound alike but are defined differently) can be used to make people laugh.

Take yourself out of your own comfort zone and try something different for a while.

Somerville Community Access TV   (scatvsomerville.org)

Walter Ness produces shows which are shown on SCAT. It's a great community resource that people should know about.

SCAT is available for anyone interested in making videos, video editing, making small or long movies.   SCAT also has a radio-training program.

Take a tour of this facility and see what is available to people of all ages.