Smiling, a Way to Take "a Happiness Break"

We see the luminance (light) that shows up on a person's face during the smiling and we can feel happy sensations in others or ourselves when we see a smile.

But the person smiling cannot have the same level of enjoyment because they cannot see their own face.

There is a way to develop the skill to fully feel the happiness in the skin of our face. Once you learn how you can take a happiness break.

Taking a happiness break treats your subconscious and lets it know that you prefer feeling OK about yourself.

Smiling is a loss of control. Your subconscious moves the corners of your mouth to form a smile, brings chi energy to the nerves in your face and vibrates them.

The chi energy vibrating the nerves creates the luminance and happy sensations.

How do I, Walter Ness, know that? I'm a clairvoyant. I can see chi energy. And here's the surprise. Most people can see luminance on a person's face they just don't realize they are seeing energy.