The above picture is from when we took the Somerville Laughter Club on stage at what is now called the "Davis Square Theater "

Different Styles of Laughter are created by movement and the emotions that you feel in an area of your body.

The way you move your body enhances or limits how you laugh. Movement disables the judgmental part of your brain letting a more natural flow to occur.

Brain Plasticity
Any time you start a new project you do 100% of the work. A few days later you do 80% of the job and the brain takes care of the other 20%.

Laughter clubs are about training your body to let loose and laugh.

Mindfulness is very important to enjoy fully the benefit of laughter. Mindfulness starts with lowering or closing of the eyes.

When you lower your eyes you become more aware of the sensations in your body. There are hundreds of desirable sensations that can be experienced.

Interactive Mindfulness

You chose which sensations your body creates. You find places in the body that allow you

  • a more dynamic lifestyle
  • a choice of sensations to experience
  • when you learn who you are, you know who you're not.

You can learn more about Interactive Mindfulness on the website