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Walter Ness, is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader. He started the Somerville Laughter Club as a way to explore diff rent ways of laughing and develop the skill to take a happiness break. He introduces Energy Laughter as part of the laughter experience. He introduced Interactive Mindfulness as a way to increase Mind/Body awareness.

Walter Ness became member of the Arlington Laughter Club in 2004 which was started by Lynn Caesar. He became their web master and used the experience to explore different ways that a person can laugh.

His laughter was so unique that it was used by the national TV show Good Morning America Weekend Edition.

In June 2005 Walter presented several performances of his Traveling Laughter Club at Jimmy Tingle's OFF BROADAWAY THEATER and was featured in a front cover story in the Somerville Journal.

After the laughter performances at Jimmy Tingle's Theater, strangers would come up to Walter and say, "Hey, you're that Laughter Guy." The nickname stuck.

Walter uses his understanding of chi energy to show people how to enhance their awareness of their body so they feel the energies that get turned on when you are laughing or smiling.

After producing/directing 7 shows of Energy, he has moved on to create and perform Joy of Kidding,

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Walter applying for a job as a laugh track.
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